Signs of Lead Poisoning in Children

Lead poisoning is a very serious condition that can happen to both kids and adults. If you are a parent, it is important to learn the signs of lead poisoning in children new jersey because they’re much different than the signs that adults experience. You’ve come to the right place to learn more information about lead poisoning and the signs that point to a problem.

Lead poisoning happens when lead builds up on the body over a period of time. This can be months and sometime years. This excess lead buildup causes the person to experience a variety of serious health problems.  Kids who are exposed to lead under the age of six are more vulnerable to this affects. Furthermore, children may be more severely impacted by physical and mental development delays due to lead exposure. Lead exposure can be fatal in some cases, making things even scarier.

Lead poisoning occurs after exposure to lead-based paint and contamination in buildings. But, contaminated air and soil can also cause problems with lead for kids. Treatment for lead poisoning is available and you can also take simple precautions to ensure that your kids are not exposed to high levels of lead. It is also important to know the signs of lead poisoning in kids, which include:

lead poisoning in children new jersey

·    Abdominal Pain

·    Seizures

·    Learning difficulty

·    Developmental delays

·    Vomiting

·    Weight loss

·    Sluggishness/tiredness

·    Irritability

·    Developmental delays

·    Hearing loss

·    Eating non-food items

·    Hearing loss

Newborns may also exhibit additional signs of lead exposure which include premature birth, low birth rate, and slow growth rates. The signs of lead exposure above is not a complete list. It can be hard to detect lead exposure so make sure you take your child to the pediatrician if there are any concerns whatsoever.